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From Waste Reduction to Responsible Behavior

Canson et l'environnement

Canson® paper mills are certified for their low waste production per tonne of Canson paper sold.  

Reducing production waste on our production and transformation sites is particularly important to us. In fact, paper and card are the biggest waste products on our sites. Much of the paper waste from our transformation site is recycled at our production site.


How do we reduce production waste?

When our products are designed, we try to reduce waste production as much as possible at the source.

The aim is to reduce the amount of waste paper:

What objectives will help you to improve over the coming years?

We set new objectives every year with the aim of reducing our paper waste. 

The Canson® commitment: For several decades we have been giving widths of quality paper to local schools, giving children the opportunity to create all kinds of drawing, painting, watercolours etc. That amounts to several tonnes of paper every year — a great act of citizenship.


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